little White secrets Review

Product details
Author carol Mason
Paperback: 333 pages
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
published date 1 May 2020
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542004977
ISBN-13: 978-1542004978


A daughter pushing the limits. A marriage ready to crack. A secret that can break them.

For Emily Rossi, life may not be perfect, but it’s pretty close. She has a great career, a house in the country, a solid marriage to Eric and two wonderful children—tennis superstar Daniel and quiet, sensitive Zara. But when her fourteen-year-old daughter brings home a toxic new best friend, Emily’s seemingly perfect family starts to spiral out of control.

Suddenly Zara is staying out late, taking drugs and keeping bad company. And just when Emily needs Eric to be an involved father, he seems too wrapped up with his job in London to care. What’s more, he’s started drinking again.

When a dark secret from the past emerges, Emily’s life is turned upside down. Struggling to protect the people she loves, can she save her damaged family? Doing so may mean keeping a secret of her own…

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was mesmerised by this book from the minute I picked it up to the minute I put it down. I felt sorry for Emily she has a husband who works away from home and who is also an alcoholic, he has been an alcoholic for quite some time and with this comes secrets, secrets that are a BIG mistake and costs him his family and marriage.

Emily and Eric’s son Daniel is currently training to be a professional tennis player and they fail to see that their only daughter Zara has started hanging out with a girl called Bethany Brown…..Bethany is not who she seems to be.

Eric’s alcoholism finally gets to Emily and after so many years, tells Eric she wants a divorce, this is when the secrets Eric has been hiding start to unravel and is forced to tell Emily everything and who Bethany brown really is.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cant wait to read more by this author.

About the author

Carol Mason

Carol Mason

Carol Mason is the women’s fiction author After You Left, a Kindle #1 and Amazon Charts Bestseller, The Secrets of Married Women, The Last Time We Met, and Send Me A Lover. She was born in the North East of England and moved to Canada when she was twenty-one and met her now husband. They live in British Columbia. Her novels are translated into more than 10 languages.

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